How FS Cable Life Extension Work

A site survey is normally required to understand and identify the cable problems, followed by a detailed survey report with suggested solutions to repair cable damages and restore insulation. This service is offered with no further commitment from the client. Contact us today for a free online consultation.

Rebuild of cable screen and jacket.

Initial contact is normally followed by product presentations and a site survey. FS’s experienced surveyors will identify your problems and present a detailed survey report where we document current and likely future conditions of your cables, propose solutions, and indicate a budget.

Turnkey applications are delivered by our own experienced technicians using only FS Class Approved products. The work process concludes with a full documentation package including Completion Report and Warranty Letter, supported with relevant Class Approvals and Testing reports.

We coat all visible sides of a cable or bundle – and where required – the cable support. The coating remains flexible throughout its lifetime and works as a barrier, creating a more stable electrical environment as well as preventing further cable degradation with enhanced fire protection as an additional bonus. We warranty our life extension applications for up to ten years and remain available for re-warranty surveys to closely monitor the condition of the cables. Dependent on the original condition of the cables, their life in service can often be extended by a factor of three.

Muddy cables are cleaned and coated for cable life extension, no need for costly cable replacement.

VIDEO: Cable Life Extension