What is FS Cable Life Extension

FS Cable Life Extension program is a cost-effective solution to prevent premature or unnecessary cable replacements. Typically, any cables that are exposed to and affected by the environment should be considered for our Life Extension program to restore your cables and extend your operations at low cost.

Typical UV damaged cables can be repaired by FS.

Certified Sustainable Cable Maintenance

FS cable life extension is a well-documented solution to significantly extend the expected operational life of all cables that a facility or installation needs to last longer. Typically, these cables are exposed to UV, heat, or extreme environmental conditions, causing early aging. HV cables affected by constant UV exposure, oil, mud, and chemicals become a safety hazard and this is where our life extension solution is very cost-efficient.

These cables are repaired, fire protected, and ready for many additional years of operation.

Our approved coating systems will create a protective new outer layer, restore, and upgrade the cables’ insulation properties whilst also upgrading the cables fire-technically.

Applications of FS coating on UV damaged cables, for example while the cable outer sheath is still in a relatively good condition, will save costs and preserve or enhance electrical integrity. Early action avoids costly replacements or repair. Derating of cables is not required, and our coating has no negative effect on the cables.

We encourage anyone having problems with their electrical installation to contact us for further consultation.

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