Why FS Cable Life Extension

Fire Security is the leading service provider for cable protection with a proven track record of restoring and preserving defective cables. Saving lives and protecting assets is our goal, as aging cables are a major factor for industrial fires and unwanted plant shutdowns.

Cables exposed to harsh environments normally do not last their designed or expected lifetime and this is why our FS solution is the best available option for extending the life of cables. After the FS rejuvenation process, your cables are ready to continue their operation with a warranty backed application.

On a 24/7 operating industrial plant, vessel or offshore installation, continuity is the key factor and cable disruption regularly causes false alarms and unnecessary downtime, resulting in loss of production. Fire Security has over thirty-five years’ experience in working worldwide with major operators enabling them to maintain a safe electrical environment for their assets.

Global insurance companies recognize cable coating and often recommend it to protect critical cable routings.

We deliver turn-key installations where no interruption of operation is required. We use our own trained personnel with world-wide experience to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Cable Life Extension program has been implemented worldwide throughout multiple industries & sectors and has a long track record of extending the operational life of existing cables.