Fire Security


Fire protection services of electrical cables at Hanil Cement Main Substations in South Korea.

In November 2016, Fire Security protected more than 500 meters of cable trays in two of their main substations. We executed this job in 6 working days with the assistance of our Polish specialist applicator and our local Korean partner, Kangnam Drive.

Fire protection at Hanil Cement, Danyang, Soth-Korea

     Hanil Cement plant in Danyang, South-Korea

Hanil Cement has awarded Fire Security three new fire protection work contracts for 2017.

This was the first phase and we are scheduled to continue cable tray fire protection work next year with three more substations using intumescent fireproofing products.

Hanil Cement focuses on quality and safety.

Cables need cleaning

Electrical cables need cleaning

Cleaned cables ready for coating

Hanil Cement is pleased with the result of our passive fire protection work.   They have now awarded Fire Security three new projects for fire protection of their vital cabling systems. With the long warranty, Fire Security can offer Hanil, they see this as a long-term solution and they follow the recommendation by insurance companies to protect main cable routing and substations. Hanil Cement is dedicated in their efforts to supply environmentally friendly construction materials. They have several plants in South Korea and have received numerous awards over the years for quality management, customer satisfaction, and as a highly respected company in South-Korea.

Cables  are coated with FS1

Fire protection project with Kibeom Lee, Kangnam Drive, Paal Mathisen Fire Security

Kibeom Lee, Kangnam Drive, Paal Mathisen FS

Fire Security’s cable coating offers total fire protection.

In underground substations and cable tunnels, cable coating is fast becoming the preferred fire protection system. Fire Security cable coating system offers total fireproofing protection and will guarantee function. Companies are pleased to learn that there is no maintenance cost involved after installing the fire protection coating to their cables. Our 30 years experience tells us that the coating typically lasts the cables’ lifetime.

Fire Security Asia Pacific Region has completed several projects in South Korea for the last few years. Fire Security also works on fire protection projects in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, and China. In addition to our fire protection for cables projects in the oil and gas sector, we do fire protection and cable repair for shipyards, power plants, steel plants, paper mills and cement factories like Hanil Cement.

Our Korean partner Kangnam Drive Co., Ltd. with its main office in Seoul, is one of the leading companies in the industrial electrical appliances in Korea. We are pleased to work together side by side to reduce fires in many industrial industries. Contact Fire Security to learn more about the fire protection services for your plant.