Fire Security


Certified Sustainable Cable Maintenance

Environmental Management

FS evidences our commitment to the environment through our DNV ISO 14001 environmental management systems certification, which assures our end users on how we consider and manage the environmental impact of all aspects of our business, services, and products.

FS products and systems are EPA24 and LEED compliant, non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free, and do not contain asbestos or any other substance identified as being cancerogenic. Our products release no poisonous and corrosive gases and smoke.

FS cable life extension systems substantially reduce the need to produce new cables.

FS systems significantly extend the lives of industrial cables and thus limit the need for resource-intensive cable replacement.

While metallic cable components (conductors, armor) are recoverable and recyclable, cables contain large volumes of plastic, PVC, XLPE in sheets, and insulation. Those components are commonly incinerated openly or disposed of in landfills. Extending cable lifetimes mitigates the negative end-of-life environmental impact of cables, as well as the inherent environmental and resource cost of excessive production and installation of new cables.

Active versus Passive Fire Protection

FS systems reduce or eliminate the need for active fire suppression systems, which annually use millions of gallons of chemically treated water. During fires, this water is polluted further by fire by-products before it seeps into local watersheds.

Protecting Cables - Protecting the Environment

At Fire Security, we are committed to continuing our efforts towards sustainability and reducing our own and our end-users impact on the environment.