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Introduction: How cable coating can protect your cables


How cable coating can protect your cables

Cable coating is a great way to protect your cables from the elements. Cable coating is a thin layer of material that is applied to the outside of cables for protection.

Cable coating is typically made up of thermoplastic polymers, which are usually applied in liquid form. This process helps to protect the cable from dirt and abrasion while also providing protection against water damage.

FS produces water-based cable coatings and offers an excellent guide for “cable management system” that can help protect your cables from fire and other damage.

Video Presentation

Video Presentation

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Our products save lives, save costs and saves the environment.

Environmental Cable Management

Environmental Cable Management

FS evidences our commitment to the environment
through our DNV GL ISO 14001 environmental management
systems certification, which provides assurances to our end users on how we consider and manage the environmental impact of all aspects of our business, services and products.

FS products and systems are LEED compliant, non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free, and do not contain asbestos or any other substance identified as being cancerogenic. They release no poisonous or corrosive gas and smoke.



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