Fire Security


Fire protection engineering for cable repair and cable coating.

Fire Security offers a unique fire protection turn-key solution:

  • Inspection of Electrical Cables
  • Evaluation of fire risk areas
  • Calculation of cable repair and application cost
  • Documentation on cable damages
  • Cable Firestopping Recommendation
  • Cable Cleaning, Cable Repair, Cable Fire Coating
  • Warranty Certification for repaired and coated cables

Fire Security specializes in cable fire protection and cable jacket repair services.

On-site inspection Fire Protection Engineering - Fire-Security Hans Olsen

Fire Protection Engineering – On-Site Inspection

Fire Security offers an on-site inspection to evaluate high-risk areas where vital electrical and signal cables are routed.

We calculate the density of cables in each area of the plant and document the present condition of the cables running through hazardous areas.

Fire Security will produce a detailed survey report including our findings, detailed data on the density of electrical cables located in each location and the condition of the cables. When we find any safety issues we mention this as a priority hazard along with our suggested solution to improve safety and reduce fires.

fire protection engineering - survey report - fire-security

Fire Protection Engineering – Survey Report

When you choose to follow our fire protection recommendation and award us work contracts, Fire Security will travel to the site with our own specialist crew. We are often supported by a local partner company. Together we execute the cable repair and fire protection coating application to ensure optimal results with little to no downtime to your business operations.

Post project Fire Security will issue a warranty certificate for the repaired or coated cables as an assurance for our customers. Our cable fire protection application standards and certification are well accepted by insurance companies and can result in a premium reduction for our clients since their plants fire safety requirements have been upgraded.

Cable Fire protection with a compliant coating system.

Fire Security is leading the way for fire protection engineering standards of electrical cables. We conduct fire protection services for electrical cables and signal cables with either intumescent or ablative coating. We provide fire coating applications for single cables, spliced cables, and for cable trays.

  • The ablative cable coating FS5 for interior and exterior application protects the cable by both chemical and physical reactions that consume large amounts of heat energy. The FS5 cable coating is resistant to UV, mud, oil, and chemicals. FS5 coating is also approved to repair and restore the outer sheath of damaged cables or spliced cables. FS5 cable fire protection coating will upgrade the cables insulation value as well as increase the life expectancy of the cables outer sheath. See video: Cable Repair and Fire Protection Coating
  • Fire Security’s cable coatings FS1 and FS5 are tested to provide fire resistance in accordance with a hydrocarbon fire curve of 1100° C for one hour in accordance with the IEC 60331 regulation.FS5 Cable Fire Protection and Repair Coating.

fire protection engineering products like FS1 Coating application from Fire-Security

FS1 Cable Fire Coating for interior application.

FS5 Cable Fire Protection and Cable Repair Coating.Electrical Cables Repair, Life Extension and Fire Protection.[

Fire Security offers cable jacket repair and life-saving fire protection for electrical cables.

Connect with Fire Security to learn more about our coating systems’ fireproofing abilities. Read how FS cable coating can extend the life of your cables and reduce the chance of fire.

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