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Fireproof coating of electrical cables in underground tunnels and turbine hall at power plant in Indonesia.

Paiton Power plant is a large thermal power station located 35 km east of the city Probolinggo in East Java in Indonesia. Fire Security Indonesia has successfully completed 2 big cable fire protection projects at Paiton Power Complex for  YTL Power International.

Fire protection of electrical cables at Paiton Power Complex in East Java.

YTL Jawa Power - Paiton Power Complex in East Java.

YTL Jawa Power – Paiton Power Complex in East Java.

The first project was to apply fireproof coating on all electrical cables in the underground cable tunnels, more than 6000 meters of cable trays. The project also included repair and fire protection of cables in stacker reclaimers and boat unloaders.

Fireproof coating of cables in the turbine hall.

The 2nd project was executed one year later and included cable cleaning and application of fire protective coating to all cables located inside the big turbine hall. This is a high fire risk area for which the client’s insurance company had requested fire protection of electrical cables. There was concern about the consequence of fire since there is a huge amount of vital cables running in this area.

Coating electrical cables in Turbine hall

Coating electrical cables in the Turbine hall

Cable fireproofing in cable tunnel at power plant.

Cable fireproofing in cable tunnel at power plant.

We removed coal dust from cables to eliminate fire risk.

In the coal-fired power plants there is a lot of coal dust covering the cables near coal conveyor belts and in coal handling areas. This dust is highly combustible and a big risk to the fire safety in the plant. Cleaning of the cables is a huge task but nevertheless very important prior to coating. Fire Security’s team are experts in coating applications with decades of experience.

Letter of appreciation from Jawa Power

Letter of appreciation.

We repaired high voltage cables without any shutdown of production.

This is of course a major advantage as normally the replacement of damaged cables requires a shutdown of operation. We can perform outer sheath repair on most cable types from low voltage instrument cables to high voltage main distribution lines of 150-220 KV.

Fire protection by means of cable resistant coating led to a reduced insurance premiums.

After finishing our two projects for YTL Jawa Power we received a letter of appreciation for the work we had done for them and they also told us that due to the recent increased electrical fire safety in their plant, they had gained a good position to re-negotiate their insurance premium. The response from the underwriting insurer was to reduce its annual premium.

We always try to use a local work crew in addition to our own specialists, to save cost and to contribute to the local economy.

In addition to our specialist painters, technician, and supervisor, we always try to use local people when we travel to work site, to save cost but most importantly to contribute to the local economy.

Fireproof coating of electrical cables in tunnels, transformer and turbine areas.

We supply a team of specialists but also hire a local work crew for assistance.

Fire Security supplied 4 specialist painters, 1 technician, and FS supervisor and we hired 4 local workers to assist us during the project.  The job was executed in 6 weeks without any incidents.

Cable fire protection projects in Asia by Fire Security.

Fire Security has also done several cable protection projects for the state-owned electricity company PLN in Indonesia. We have protected cables in Nuclear power plants in China as well as power plants in Thailand. We run our Asia-Pacific operations from our office in Jakarta Indonesia and Paal Mathisen is our region manager.