Cruise ships

BROCHURE: Fire protection of electrical cables on cruise ships.

Millions of people travel the ocean every year for business or pleasure. Fire Security is one of the most important partners in making this travel as safe as possible. It is our objective to enhance the safety of the vessel, its passengers, and crew, and as such Fire Security’s products have become an international standard for the cruise industry.

VIDEO: Fire Protection of Electrical Cables on Cruise Ships.

VIDEO: Fire Security has been a partner to the major cruise operators for many years and has upgraded the fire resistance of cables in high fire risk areas on a significant number of cruise vessels and passenger ferries. We protect electrical cables both on existing vessels and new buildings, as many of the cruise operators have started to specify this protection when ordering new vessels.

Cable fire protection on 29 cruise ships in 2016 – a new record.

Cable Coating Fire Demonstration by Fire Security Middle East.

ALWAYS a PLEASURE working for the Italian’s at Fincantieri Shipyard.

Watch A Fire Protection Coating Comparison Demonstration

Passive Fire Protection vs Active Systems

The new and innovative Carnival Vista has engine room cables fire protected by Fire Security.