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Cable Maintenance Guide for Lifetime Extension

Fire Security has over 30 years of experience in the fire protection and lifetime extension of cables. During this time, we have encountered many different cable sheath conditions caused by numerous contributing factors. The pictures and descriptions that we present in the Cable Maintenance Guide is an assessment of these conditions on a graded scale.

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 – second half

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 Q2

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q4

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q3

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q2

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q1

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q4

Fire protection of 14.000 m2 of electrical cables in Brazilian tunnel

Fireproof coating of electrical cables in underground tunnels and turbine hall at power plant in Indonesia.

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q3

Cable Coating Fire Demonstration by Fire Security Middle East.

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q1

Passive fire protection of electrical cables in VIETNAM.

Fire protection engineering for cable repair and cable coating.

Fire protection services of electrical cables at Hanil Cement Main Substations in South Korea.

Watch A Fire Protection Coating Comparison Demonstration

Passive Fire Protection vs Active Systems

Fire Security’s fire protection services goal is to prevent cable fires and short circuits at Kumho petrochemical plant in South Korea.

Fire protection of power distribution cables at Shagang Steel plant in China.

Fire Security celebrates 30 years of fire protection experience.