Fire-Security newsletter 2020

FS Chairman Ole Tom Eidjord

The world has experienced a very difficult year with the Corona virus, including hospitalizations and deaths. Periods of travel restrictions and lockdowns have limited many companies in their operation. Hopefully 2021 will be better, thanks to the vaccines now rolling out. (Read more)

While we are awaiting a brighter future, we take a look back at 2020 and present some of our activities around the world.


Sustainable Solutions

Environmental Management

Fire Security evidences our commitment to the environment through our DNV ISO 14001 environmental management systems certification, which assures our end users on how we consider and manage the environmental impact of all aspects of our business, services, and products.

VIDEO: Cable repair, Life Extension and Fire Protection for Ships.

Cable Maintenance Guide for Lifetime Extension

Lifetime extension of electrical cables.

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 – second half

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 Q2

The history of coating technology specialized for protection of cables.

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q3

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q2

More than 20 LNG carriers have been fire technically upgraded by our Middle East department since 2015

Fire Security Newsletter 2018 Q1

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q4

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q3

Fire Security offer cable repair and fire protection in Singapore.

Cable Coating Fire Demonstration by Fire Security Middle East.

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q1

ALWAYS a PLEASURE working for the Italian’s at Fincantieri Shipyard.

Fire protection engineering for cable repair and cable coating.

Watch A Fire Protection Coating Comparison Demonstration

Passive Fire Protection vs Active Systems

Fire Security Middle East has successfully completed cable repair life extension on 8 LNG vessels.