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Protecting and prolonging the life span of electrical cables, FS has proven its worth for decades. We have an extensive reference list stretching from industrial plants, oil rigs and cruise ships to offshore wind farms. Our products are approved by leading classification societies and authorities.

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Recycling / renewal of aging cables

35 years ago, it all started for Fire Security, first with fire protection of cables, then cable repair and lifetime extension. Both 2020 and 2021 was dominated by the Corona pandemic, with travel bans slowing down business worldwide.

In 2022 we will focus on our program to rejuvenate old cables. The FS cable repair system is a sustainable solution for renewing aged cables, contrary to replacing them with new ones.

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Sustainable Solutions

BROCHURE: Lifetime extension, repair and fire protection of electrical cables for ships.

VIDEO: Cable repair, Life Extension and Fire Protection for Ships.

How Cable Coating can Protect Your Cables

Cable Maintenance Guide for Lifetime Extension

HV Cable Replacement

Lifetime extension of electrical cables.

Fire retardant vs fire resistant paint

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 – second half

Cable Repair Services

Fire Security Newsletter 2019 Q2

The history of coating technology specialized for protection of cables.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fr cable – flame / fire resistant cable

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Fire Sprinkler System

Electrical High Voltage Cable Repair and How it Can Save You Money

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More than 20 LNG carriers have been fire technically upgraded by our Middle East department since 2015

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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q4

Fire Security Newsletter 2017 Q3

Fire Security offer cable repair and fire protection in Singapore.

Cable Coating Fire Demonstration by Fire Security Middle East.

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ALWAYS a PLEASURE working for the Italian’s at Fincantieri Shipyard.

Fire protection engineering for cable repair and cable coating.

Watch A Fire Protection Coating Comparison Demonstration

Passive Fire Protection vs Active Systems

Fire Security Middle East has successfully completed cable repair life extension on 8 LNG vessels.