Fire Security


Fire Security’s fire protection services goal is to prevent cable fires and short circuits at Kumho petrochemical plant in South Korea.

n a joint operation with Fire Security and our agent Kangnam Drive we did a pilot project at the Yeosu Plant in October 2016.  The fire protection services’ goal was to secure cable splices on HV distribution with self-vulcanizing tape and fire protective coating.

Fire protection services protect spliced HV distribution cables with our fire resistant FS5 cable protection coating.

cables repairs Kumho Petrochemical complex in Yeosu, South-Korea

Kumho Petrochemical, Yeosu Plant, South Korea

cable wrapping South Korea Kumho Petrochemical South-Korea, Inspector checking cable trays

Kumho Petrochemical inspector

Kumho Petrochemical is a major chemical producer in Korea and the world’s largest synthetic rubber producer and exporter for tyre production around the world. The company also produces specialty chemicals, electronic materials, nano-carbon materials, and building materials.

4 km long HV cable stretches cause problems

Their HV main distribution cables are spliced with the longest cable stretches to almost 4 km long. They have been experiencing some problems with some of them. This has also lead to short circuits and a smaller fire.

After a two year evaluation period where they considered different products and solutions, they decided to award Fire Security a first pilot project.

Fire Protections Services Cable Repair Process: cleaning repairing cable coating

1: Cleaned HV cables – 2: Repairing cables with self-vulcanizing tape – 3: Repaired cables coated with FS5.

Fire protection services for cable repairs

Fire Protections Services done by Ki Beom Lee, Kangnam Drive and Paal Mathisen, Fire-security Asia

Ki Beom Lee, Kangnam-Drive, Paal Mathisen, Fire-Security

Fire Security Asia manager Paal Mathisen describes the work:

Our objective was to isolate the areas where the spliced cables were located in case of a fire starting in the splice. This ensures a fire would not spread out through the cable routing.

We cleaned the cables and did some repair on the cable splices using self-vulcanizing tape. For cable tray fire protection, we then sprayed all cables in the cable tray with our FM approved cable coating FS5. This fire protection coating was applied 15 meters in length in 8 different locations within the plant.

Fire Proofing Turn-key Operation

We executed this project in 5 working days without any safety incidents. As requested by Kumho we did the work during their 6 days scheduled production shut down.

Kangnam Drive provided spray equipment and manpower to assist with the job while Fire Security provided coating material and project supervisor, myself, says Paal Mathisen.

Coming projects in South Korea.

Work on cables at Kumho Petrochemical

Cable protection at Kumho Petrochemical, South Korea

Kumho has plans to replace some of their oldest cables but they are also considering our cost-effective solution to fireproofing with cable coating repairs that coat the cables and extend the lifetime of the cables.

Fire Security has worked on several projects in South Korea like shipyards, LG Chem, Lafarge Cement, and Hanil Cement. We are returning to Hanil Cement this month to start on a new project.

We deliver cable repair and cable fire protection in a very cost-effective turn-key solution world-wide.

Info: Cable RepairFire Protection – Cable Life Extension  Video about the cable repair and fire protection project at Kumho Petrochemical plant in Yeosu, South-Korea.