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Fire protection of 14.000 m2 of electrical cables in Brazilian tunnel

There is a growing concern internationally regarding fire safety in tunnels. In many countries, there are now projects aiming to prevent catastrophic fires, especially in the long tunnels. Unprotected electrical cables stretching the whole length of the tunnel such as in the Grota Funda Tunnel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil can be exposed to short circuits and fire. Burning cables will contribute to rapidly spreading flames and will emit toxic smoke and gas, which is the main cause of death in such fires.

FS1 & FS5 application in two galleries at the Grota Funda Tunnel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fire Security’s coating systems are installed in many industries worldwide because of their excellent fireproofing characteristics. In the Grota Funda project, we were contracted to protect 2 Tunnel Galleries each being 1,104 meters long.

FS 5 coating is recommended for fireproofing of electrical cables in tunnels subject to water leaks.

Most coatings will have problems under humid conditions, whether it is moisture inside the cable or water hitting the cable from outside. During its drying period, the FS5 coating has the ability to dry out the moisture from the inner cable and also prevent water ingress. FS 5 coating also protects the cables from being damaged by oil, mud, and chemicals.


We completed the cable coating project in 9 days.

The job was performed during the midnight shift and we had 2 motorized platforms with 1 painter and 1 driver in each. Each platform had 1 pump with 1 support technician to push/ move the pump along with the platform while tending the hopper.

Although the working conditions were not optimal, the job was completed without any incidents or accidents. The job was completed in 9 days with the total team consisting of 4 painters, 2 platform drivers, 3 helpers, and 1 supervisor. We averaged coating over 1750 m2 per day with the last day for general touch up and final inspection.

Fire Security Brazil

Our office in Rio de Janeiro services South America and our teams can offer cable protection in tunnels, offshore and onshore installations, or ships. Fire Security’s main clients in Brazil are Petrobras, Transocean, SBM Offshore, and Teekay. You can reach us at, more details on our contact page.