Fire Security


Cable repair and fire protection at Pulp and Paper Mill

Failing to repair damaged cables can leave industrial plants severely impaired. Fire Security repairs cable damage and prevents future damage to cable jackets. Our cable coating system also fire protect cables in the same operation. We upgrade their fire technical properties and insulation qualities, reducing or eliminating the need to replace cables. Fire Security’s approved repair and coating system is designed to be non-disruptive, meaning there is minimal need for shutdown and loss of production.

Cable protection project.

The main cable room plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of the facility. The risk of a fire in such a cable room is a growing concern for any major manufacturing plant. Any fire incident in these spaces may have serious consequences for the plant operation.

Cables covered with dust represent a serious fire risk.

Cable Survey at the plant.

During our survey, we found some cables that had a thin layer of coating applied with a brush and this coating would not provide any protection in a fire situation.

Our scope of work was to improve the condition of the cables inside the Cable room and Trafo room and upgrade all cables to become fire resistant.

Inside the cable room, many cables are laid directly on the concrete floor and covered with a thick layer of dust. With such a big amount of important cables in one room, a fire here would have a major impact on the plant’s production capacity for months. Fire Security’s scope of work was to fire protect these electrical cables with our certified FS5 ablative coating.

Surface preparation.

Our eight men team starts with surface preparation of the 3470 meters of cables. The work was carried out first by using compressed air to clean up thick layers of dust, and grouping of cables. We re-tightened cables and straightened their position and cleared all debris inside the Cable room and the Trafo area.

Cables are cleaned and straightened, ready to be coated.


Our certified FS5 ablative coating was applied with high pressure of airless spray. Every single cable in the cable tray, as referred to in the scope of work, were successfully cleaned and coated in full compliance with Fire Security procedures, and the film thickness is achieved.

Upon completion of the application, the protected cables were witnessed and accepted by the user. We recorded 48 working days with 8 men crew on the project with no accidents or incidents noted during our job.

We repaired damaged cables and coated all cables with FS5.

We received excellent support from the plant management during the whole job. This is much appreciated as it makes our project execution much more pleasant and smooth.

Our Recommendations.

Installing cable coating is an investment for the future. For indoor environments such as cable rooms, electrical rooms, and cable tunnels, the lifetime of FS coating is probably more than 30 years. For outdoor applications directly exposed to UV, the coating will last for 15+ years in a tropical climate.

The coating is tested and approved as fire resistant to a hydrocarbon fire curve of 1100-degree C for one hour in accordance with the IEC 60331 regulation. FS coatings are also UV and Ozone resistant, oil, water, mud, and chemicals resistant.

Our coatings have been designed to protect cables with the intention to make the signals pass through the cables when it is needed the most and to allow the reuse of the existing cables if the fire is ceased within a reasonable time. In this case, you do not need to change any cables or to disconnect any systems as a matter of the incident.

FS cable repair solution is well-documented to significantly extend the expected lifetime of electrical cables. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further information regarding any part of our services.