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Cable life extension and fire protection on LNG carriers.

Al Khaznah LNG ship owned by ADNATCO NGSCO.An LNG carrier is a highly-sophisticated gas tanker designed for transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). The market grows rapidly, so the fleet of LNG carriers continues to experience tremendous growth. Fire Security has experienced an increased demand for our services including cost-effective cable repair and cable life extension, both of which include fire protection.

The work scope was performed by Fire Security work crew on passage from Singapore to Das Island during November 2015. Our supervisors Hans Olsen and Paul Filby describe the project:

We worked in areas on the ship like the main cable trays along-ship on top of 5 domes, cables on the foremast, in the manifold area, and in compressor house. Chaff damaged cables at expansion joint locations were lifted, repaired, and had chaff protection installed. Chaff protection was a combination of rubber sheeting and Teflon sheeting attached to the cable tray ladders. Applications completed utilizing Fire Security’s DNV approved FS 5 ablative coating system that will provide protection from environmental damage and fire, thus extending the lifetime of the cables extensively at a fraction of the cost of replacing cables with new ones.

Cable repair on LNG ship by Fire-Security

In a letter of recommendation from ADNATCO, they say the following (extract): “Work was conducted safely and efficiently under passage by riding application squad certified in rope access with no interruption to ship’s operations. FS5 repair and coating system was applied on live electrical cables.”

A -Khaznah LNG tanker, Cables on main deck before and after coating by Fire Security

Fire Security Middle East manager, Jesper Rexen, in UAE is very pleased with the professional result we as a company can offer to our customers and says that Fire Security has conducted many exciting projects in the Middle East since 2003 and that more is coming up thanks to our worldwide expertise and success.

Fire Security Middle East delivers turnkey projects throughout the Gulf Corporation Council countries which entails the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

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This video explains the process of cable repair and the excellent fire protection properties of our ablative cable coating FS 5.

FS 5, cable repair and fire protection.

Cables are an especially weak point when it comes to fire since there are significant amounts of cables that generally are routed throughout the vessel.

Cable insulation will catch fire very quickly and even a small fire can rapidly propagate throughout the vessel using cables as a pathway. Coating cables with FS 5 prevents this.

The FS 5 coating is tested to provide fire resistance in accordance with a hydrocarbon fire curve of 1100 degrees C for one hour in accordance with the IEC 60331 regulation.