Fire Security

Fire Security’s South East Asia Tour. May 5 – After a week in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, we are now traveling to Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, Vietnam. FS President Leif Tveitnes (left) and Paal Mathisen – FS manager for Asia Pacific.

Fire Security presents highlights from our activities from April to June 2019.

Welcome to Fire Security’s quarterly newsletter. This year we have seen an increased awareness of maintenance costs for electrical cables, both from the operators and from the insurance companies. Fire Security’s cable life extension program fits well into this situation. Instead of costly cable replacements, we can offer repair of damaged cable sheats, and our FS5 coating will protect cables for many years against fire, smoke, mud, UV, ozone, and chemical damage.

As usual, we have conducted most of our projects in the Middle East and in the Asia Pacific region. We got a new agent in Vietnam, the company Vietnam Gre-Coating Engineering JSC (VGCE) We still have projects in Europe as well, both for cruise ships and even for an offshore wind farm. There is positive development also in the US market for fire protection and lifetime extension of electrical cables. For updated information and news, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on Linkedin.

Wind Farm project offshore the Netherlands.

May 22 – We have completed cable protection at Wind Farm Hohe See OSS substation located offshore from Lauwersoog in the Netherlands.Photo: Piotr Kanczkowski (L) and Jakub Jankowski.

Welcome to our new agent in Vietnam, GCE.

April 8 – FS has just agreed with GCE and Mr. Stewart Bowker (owner) to become our new agent in Vietnam. We’re looking forward to work with the company Vietnam Gre-Coating Engineering JSC (VGCE) based in Vung Tau City.

May 9 – A big thanks to Stewart Bowker who hosted us in Vung Tau. For inquiries in Vietnam, please contact GCE Vietnam.

Fire protection of cables for the cruise industry.

May 6 – John Olaf Ryen completed a cable protection project onboard AIDAvita this weekend, sailing from Lisbon, Portugal to La Coruña in Spain. This vessel is scheduled to be sailing in Europe for the next month before she crosses the Atlantic and cruises Canada. Fire Security appreciates the business relationship with AIDA cruises and is looking forward to sailing safely again in the future.

On-site training and fire testing in Norway.

May 29 – Some of our FS specialists are visiting Norway these days. This crew is based in Poland and will receive onsite training for cable repair and in-house testing during their visit. Enjoying some of Norway’s beautiful nature is always a pleasure. Photos: Piotr Bober, Zbigniew Bober, Lukasz Godzisz, Tomasz Teterycz, and John Olav Ryen.

DNV – GL Business Assurance site audit.

June 5 – DNV – GL Business Assurance two day site audit as part of FSME’s successful Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification conforming to OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. FSME is also DNV-GL certified to have Quality and Environmental Management Systems conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards for the provision of services related to passive fire protection by way of cable coating, repair and lifetime extension of electrical cables, and penetration sealing.

Introducing FS cable lifetime extension in Egypt.

June 17 – FSME visiting ADES – Advanced Energy Systems (Advanced Energy Systems) headquarters in Egypt with OGQ to introduce our cable lifetime extension program for their offshore fleet.

MCC Electrical Room Spray Application.

May 31 – Attention to detail in our masking and preparation is critical to FSME’s commitment to protecting our clients’ assets and the safety of our team. Photos from left: Muhammad Saad, Muhammad Daniyal, Anique Shehzad.

Cable fire protection at the substation.

June 7 – Application of Fire protective coating at Substation Cable Basement. From left Lukasz Grzenkowski, Anique Shehzad & Muhammad Saad.

FS Middle East conducting site surveys in Oman.

June 21 – Conducting site surveys in Oman for ENGIE Group Sohar 2 and Barka 2 with cable fire protection being a key item in the group’s initiative in maintaining their assets.

Cable survey on a cruise ship in Finland.

June 26 – Ketil Bjørkaas is in Finland carrying out an on-site survey onboard AIDAprima today. This vessel is the largest ship in the AIDA family, she stretches out to amazingly 984 feet and accommodates more than 3300 guests. Mr. Bjørkaas is one of Fire Security’s most experienced technicians and has more than 25 years working for Fire Security.

New alliances in Egypt.

June 19 -Fire Security Middle East. Creating new alliances and partnerships in Egypt to cover the Oil and Gas and Heavy Industries market.

Exciting projects in the Asia Pacific.


Paal Mathisen, FS Asia–Pacific.

Fire Security Asia Pacific has had a very busy first half of 2019. We have successfully executed 12 projects in 5 different countries. Life extension of cables is becoming more and more of an issue for aging assets in this region. Recently FS has done a new UV aging test after Australian UV extremes, with a very positive result. This test was requested by one of the major O&G operators in Australia and it helps us develop further to improve our products and services to an industry that is focusing on the safety and durability of their electrical cables.

Shell is one of our main clients around the world and I am very pleased to say that we have executed 3 projects for Shell in the Asia Pacific already this year.

Steven Chong conducts a survey of Electrical Cables at Power Plant in Indonesia.

June 24 – Indonesia. Fire Security experience an increased awareness of fire safety at industrial plants and our cable coating system for preventive fire protection is often the preferred solution to the demand for insurance driven fire protection. It is always beneficial to understand and address a cable issue sooner rather than later. After the survey, photo together with Mr. Mustofa (L) our local partner, Mr. Donny (C) Electrical Engineer, and Steven Chong (R) Operation Manager of Fire Security Asia Pacific.

Cable coating at a processing plant in South Sumatra.

June 26 – Fire Security Asia Pacific, Steven Chong (6th from Left) and our local partner, Samuel Winata (7th from left) had a great meeting today with a team of senior electrical engineer and procurement manager to discuss how to maximizing cable life extension through the use of Fire Security’s DNV-GL approved fire protective cable coating in their processing plant.

Cable fire protection for Lotte BP Chemicals.

Mat 28 – We’re pleased to have successfully completed another preventive fire protection on electrical cable coating system for Lotte BP Chemicals in Ulsan, South Korea.
Lead by Steven Chong (L), Operation Manager Asia Pacific and Piotr Kanczowski (R) our Polish Specialist Applicator.

Fire protection of cables in the MV distribution center.

May 13 – Fire Security AS completed another fire protection to electrical cables for Sampyo Cement in South Korea from the MV distribution center where the power cable transferred to two of the Cement Kiln. After project completion and handover, photo together with Steven Chong (L) Operation Manager of Fire Security Asia Pacific, and Mr. Park (R) Electrical Engineering team.

Cable repair, lifetime extension, and fireproofing in Indonesia and South Korea.

May 19 – AN EXCITING WEEK. While our Indonesia team are busy in repairing and fire protection of electrical cables for our client in Riau, Indonesia, I am on my way to Seoul, South Korea for another Cable life extension system through the use of fire protective cable coating.

Cable fire protection at the cement factory.

April 30 – Another successful electrical cable coating system for preventive fire protection completed by Fire Security AS at Hanil Hyundai Cement in South Korea. After project close-up, photo together with Zbigniew Bober (L) our Polish Specialist Applicator, Mr. Lim (C) Deputy General Manager Maintenance Team and Steven Chong (R) Operation Manager of Fire Security Asia Pacific.

Life extension of electrical cables in South Korea.

SOUTH KOREA. We are proud to announce Fire Security AS recently completed the life extension of electrical cables inside the switchgear room for Kumho Petrochemical – Yeosu Energy I in South Korea. After project close-up, photo together with Mr. Kyoung (L) Maintenance Team leader and Steven Chong (R) Operation Manager of Fire Security Asia Pacific.

Cable repair and life extension in Indonesia.

May 14 – Arianto from our Indonesia team is getting ready for yet another cable repair and life extension project in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Visiting OGA in Malaysia with Nargis Petroleum.

June 22 – Busy day in KL visiting OGA (Oil & Gas Asia) and meeting with Mr. Bailey from Dayang Corporation together with Joe Koh from our local partner, Nargis Petroleum.

DNV-GL Approved Cable Coating System.

May 2 – After completion at Hanil Hyundai Cement, the team immediately moved to Asia Cement in South Korea to fire protection electrical cables in the main transformer underground tunnel, cooler control room and coal feeder with our DNV-GL approved FS5 coating system. After project completion and handover, photo together with Mr. Kim (L) Manager of Maintenance Team, Steven Chong (C) Operation Manager of Fire Security Asia Pacific, and Mr. Lee (R) Assistance Manager of Maintenance Team.

Cable survey in Cambodia.

June 20 – Fire Security in Phnom Penh for a survey of a high profile Hotel and Casino.