Fire Security

Protecting electrical cables on LNG vessels and refineries worldwide.

Fire Security protects LNG carriersJesper Rexen - Managing Partner at Fire Security Middle EastJesper Rexen, Managing Partner at Fire Security Middle East oversees the LNG sector.

As a founder of Fire Security Middle East in 2003, he has more than 15 years of experience in the field and has seen more than twenty LNG carriers being upgraded since 2015 ranging from MOSS type, Q-Flex, Q-Max, and conventional LNG carriers. (BROCHURE)

The global LNG market is growing rapidly.

In recent years, the size and capacity of LNG new builds have increased rapidly with the introduction of Q-Flex, Q-Max and ARC-7 designs. These vessels carry very costly and very sensitive cargo and can experience loss of operations due to damaged cables on cargo pumps whilst others have experienced small fires in their machinery spaces which lead to high levels of loss of production.

Fire Security cable repair system approved by DNV-GLHere Fire Security’s DNV-GL approved coating systems have been utilized for repairs and environmental protection both on deck and for fire technical upgrades of cables in high-risk areas below deck. Fire Security’s main objective is to enhance the safety onboard and protect against both losses of life and loss of production in the event of a fire.

Fire Security Middle East also operates onshore in LNG refineries.

FS holds a three-year repair and coating contract with Shell GTL where thousands of meters of early ageing damaged HV cables have been repaired and coated.

In 2004 Fire Security upgraded all cables above ground fire technically for Technip at the Oryx GTL refinery in Ras Laffan, Qatar.Fire Security protects cables at LNG refinery

We deliver turnkey projects worldwide.

Fire Security Middle East delivers turnkey projects globally, with riding crews on passage or during your dry-docking cycle and we remain available to conduct surveys of your cables anywhere in the world.

Video presentation of Fire Security Middle East.

We protect cables from environmental damage.

We can repair cables that have been damaged by UV, oil, mud, and mechanical stress. The coating will restore the cable value, prevent future damage to cables and cable jackets, and eliminate the need for a large-scale costly replacement. Our coating also gives you the best passive fire protection of your electrical cables.

Cable damaged by UV

Fire Security’s coating FS5 enhances the cables UV resistance, ozone resistance and increases the dielectric strength.

Our coating offers excellent protection against mud and chemicals.

Cable damaged by mechanical influence
Fire Security offers to repair cables where the outer sheath is damaged. FS Coating brings back and upgrades insulation properties. 


In a fire situation our passive fire protection coating system will prevent:

FS coated cables on LNG carrier

We specialize in cable life extension repairs like this job for ADNATCO on 8 of their LNG carriers.