Welcome To FS

Ole Tom Eidjord, President and CEO


FS offers cable life extension, cable repair, and fire protection of electrical cables for industrial clients worldwide. We conduct turnkey projects for an extensive client base both onshore and offshore, including rigs, FPSO, LNG vessels and petrochemical refineries.

Our clients each have their unique requirements for high-quality products and services, and a professional delivery with a minimum of interruption to their operations. FS’s coating systems have obtained type approval certificates from the world’s leading international classification societies.

Environmental  Cable Management

FS evidences our commitment to the environment through our DNV GL ISO 14001 environmental management systems certification, which provides assurances to our end users on how we consider and manage the environmental impact of all aspects of our business, services and products.

FS products and systems are LEED compliant, non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free, and do not contain asbestos or any other substance identified as being cancerogenic. They release no poisonous or corrosive gas and smoke. Read More.   Contact us!

It all started in 1986.

In 1986 a hotel in my hometown in Norway had a fire where 14 people died, 12 due to toxic smoke from electrical cables. This drove me to start a company, Fire Security AS, to prevent such tragic but avoidable consequences.

Nearly 35 years on I am proud to say that Fire Security, or FS as we call us, is now the world leader in specialist fire protection, life extension and repair of electrical cables.

FS Cable Fire Test station at Headquarter

We are unique in that we are both the manufacturer and turnkey applicator. We do not supply our products to anyone else, allowing us to keep tight control on our quality. Starting with an inspection, we identify your problems, suggest solutions along with a cost indication and deliver the work with our own highly skilled technicians. This process ends with a full documentation package including Completion Reports and Warranties – all backed up by our world-class Type Approvals and Testing.

Adapting to environmental challenges is paramount to me. FS products and systems are LEED compliant, non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free and do not contain asbestos or any other substance identified as being cancerogenic. They release no poisonous and corrosive gases and smoke.

FS’s ability to preserve and extend the lifetime and functionality of existing cables without replacement results in less production and installation of new cables which has a positive impact on our global environment whilst saving our end users time and money.

Equally, our applications are typically done on live cables resulting in no loss of production or downtime to your operations.

Over the last 35 years FS (Organization Chart) has protected thousands of assets worldwide. We will continue to evolve and improve our products and solutions to ensure that the ever changing and unique requirements of each of our end users for professional turnkey applications with minimum interruption to their operations continues to be met or exceeded.

Hope to see you on board.

New board members.

As of October 1st 2021, Jon Erik Reinhardsen and Jan-Roger Olsen joined our board of directors. They both have extensive experience within Oil & Gas and other sectors. Jon Erik and Jan-Roger will add considerable strength to the board in developing successful strategies to roll out FS’s certified sustainable cable solutions worldwide.