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Electrical High Voltage Cable Repair and How it Can Save You Money

Introduction: What is an Electrical High Voltage Cable?

An electrical high voltage cable is a type of cable that is used for the transmission of electrical power in many industries and from power plants to distribution stations for city and home areas, where the lower voltage cables take over. More info.

HV Cable sheath, insulation, and conductor

High voltage cables are made up of conductors, insulation, and a shield, all protected by an outer sheath. The conductors are made up of copper wires that carry the electric current. The insulation, made up of a rubber or plastic material, provides protection from electrical hazards and helps maintain the integrity of the conductor. The shield, usually made of aluminum, protects against electromagnetic interference and serves as an effective grounding conductor.

How to Identify the Problem with Electrical High Voltage Cable

To identify the problem with your electrical high voltage cable, first check if it has been grounded. Electrical cables are required to be grounded to avoid electrical shocks and fire hazards. If you find that it has been grounded, then there might be a problem with the insulation or wire.

Electrical HV cables

Cables are often damaged by external factors such as weather conditions, corrosion, abrasion, or mechanical damage. The cables can also be damaged internally by poor installation practices or faulty components. When this happens, it is important to repair them as soon as possible because if left untreated for too long they can cause fires or explosions in heavy industry settings. See our PDF on HV cable repair.


HV cables damaged by UV

How to fix an Electrical High Voltage Cable

The cable repair process is a delicate one and has to be conducted by professionals. The cable needs to be repaired without compromising the integrity of the cable. This is done by repairing the outer sheath, repairing the damaged insulation, and repairing the cable sleeve.

A damaged outer sheath can be repaired by applying a new layer of insulation over it. Damaged insulation can be replaced with a new layer of insulation or with a sleeve that has been pre-insulated. Damaged cables sleeves can also be replaced with new ones or with pre-insulated sleeves.

How to repair electrical HV cables

There are two main types of high voltage cables: insulated metal sheathed (IMS) and uninsulated metal sheathed (UMC). And there are three parts of the cables: live, dead and earth. If the cable is live, it should be switched off before any work can be done. If the cable is dead or earth, it can be worked on safely.

Damaged HV cable – repair process

Professional team to repair Electrical High Voltage Cables

The benefits of hiring a professional team to repair HV cables

The conclusion of this section is that hiring a professional team to repair electrical high voltage cable is a good idea and it will be beneficial for your company. It is always better to hire a professional team to repair electrical high voltage cable and they will be able to provide their services in a more efficient way. When FS does cable repair on HV cables, we will do the whole process and issue a certificate and a warranty after the project is finished. FS cable coating will protect against fire and also prolong the operational life of the cables substantially. Contact FS for more details on HV cable repair.