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Fire retardant vs fire resistant paint

It is vital to protect assets from heating during a fire. Flame retardant coatings reduce the burning rate, prevent fire spread, and are often used on electrical cables. Cable jackets are generally designed to limit the spread of flames along the cable, thereby reducing fire spread. Electrical cables with flame retardant coatings are much more effective since the fire spreads less and is delayed due to the lack of oxygen. 

FS use only fire resistant paint which offers considerably higher protection than fire retardant paint.

Applying fire resistant paint for electrical cables

What is fire retardant paint?

Flame Retardant paint is a water-based paint or coating that can be brushed or sprayed onto cables in vital areas. Flame retardant cable coatings are crucial to the safety and fire resistance of power cables. Intumescent paints and ablative coatings are the most used fire-retardant or fire-resistant coatings.

Flame-retardant cable coatings delay fire spread, giving rescue operations more time before fires become catastrophic. It provides firefighters more time to get to your facility and put out the fire before it destroys the place.

What is the difference between fire retardant paint and fire resistant paint?

Fire retardant is a substance that is used to slow the growth and spread of fire. Fire resistant, on the other hand, is a material that is able to withstand heat or energy for a given period of time. The term “fire retardant” refers to a substance that can be applied to materials such as wood, textiles, rubber and plastics in order to make them less flammable. This type of substance does not mean that the material becomes fireproof.

While “fire resistant” refers to materials which are able withstand heat or energy for a given period of time without being damaged by it.

Fire resistant water-based cable paint

FS1 coating is a DNV approved intumescent cable coating that prevents fire from spreading to the cable surface at the source while improving the fire resistance of power, control or communication cables (single, bundled, or in trays) for 90 minutes per IEC 60331. -11/ 21 (750°С).

FS intumescent coating will withstand an oil fire of 1100° Celsius for a minimum of 60 minutes. Our intumescent coating system is also tested fire resistant for up to 3 hours at 830° Celsius. Since electrical cables are widely used in construction, coating them will allow developers to meet the stated safety standard economically.

Intumescent fire retardant paint.

How does intumescent fire retardant paint work?

Intumescent cable coating forms a microcellular foam during a fire, ensuring excellent fire protection due to its insulating effect. Also known as an intumescent flame retardant, this system is recommended for use only in dry to slightly damp areas due to its sensitivity to moisture and humidity. Intumescent coatings expand and form a protective fire barrier when a specific temperature is reached.

How does fire retardant paint work?

The coating is used to protect plastic-coated cables to provide increased abrasion resistance in a fire. It delays the evaporation of PVC in the event of a fire without insulating or damaging working cables. It acts as a barrier between the fire and any material under the paint, keeping the base material safe from flames for longer. Intumescent coatings can scorch and create a protective barrier and protect structures from hazardous situations for an extended period.

What are the benefits of fire retardant / fire resistant paint?

FS1 intumescent paint in engine area of a ship

FS1 intumescent coating prevents fire from spreading to the cable surface at the source while improving the fire resistance of power, control, or communication cables. FS coatings are also suitable as flame retardant coatings for cables used in safety-critical nuclear power plant equipment.

FS coatings are non-toxic, low in volatile organic compounds, reduce flame spread, and produce no smoke when heated. Although many precautions are taken when installing electrical wiring, some weak points can lead to dangerous fires. Our program for Lifetime cable extension is often more economically and environmentally sustainable in facilities where the cost of rewiring is financially critical, especially since we can conduct coating on live cables and there is no need for a shutdown. Contact FS to ask for a quote on the complete job, coating, application, and certification included.