How FS Cable Fire Protection Work

FS Intumescent coating expands up to 100 times its thickness. To understand and identify your concerns regarding the safety of your cables, we normally conduct an on-site survey followed by a detailed survey report with suggested solutions. This service is offered with no commitment from the client. Contact us today for a free online consultation. ​

FS’s experienced surveyors will work with you to understand your concerns and identify the opportunities to lower the risks and increase the resilience of your cables.

On-Site Survey In Cable Tunnel

In the survey report, we document the current and likely future conditions of your cables. Our recommendations along with budgetary indications are then presented to you confidentially.

Turnkey applications are delivered by our own highly skilled technicians using only FS Class Approved products, and the work process concludes with a full documentation package including Completion Report and Warranty Certificate, supported with relevant Class Approvals and Testing reports.

FS Intumescent Coating

FS has two coating systems for Fire Protection. The first is an intumescent cable coating that expands up to 100 times during a fire, creating a thick char foam that shields the cables from fire damage. The second one is an ablative coating that protects the cable by the physical reaction which converts large amounts of energy and water vapor that shields the cables in a fire situation.

The coating application is usually performed with a heavy-duty airless sprayer and it will cover all cables from end to end within the designated area of concern.

Fire protection of electrical cables on cruise ships.
Fire protection and life extension for onshore industries.
Fire protection and life extension for the oil & gas industry.
Fire protection of electrical cables on LNG vessels and plants.