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How Cable Coating can Protect Your Cables

Cable coating is a great way to protect your cables from the elements. Cable coating is a thin layer of material that is applied to the outside of cables for protection.

Cable coating is typically made up of thermoplastic polymers, which are usually applied in liquid form. This process helps to protect the cable from dirt and abrasion while also providing protection against water damage.

FS produces water-based cable coatings and offers an excellent guide for “cable management system” that can help protect your cables from fire and other damage.

Liquid coating vs cable wrap protection

Intumescent cable coating offers the best fire protection.

Cable coating  is liquid and is applied by spraying one or several coats over the cables, while cable wrap is applied by wrapping the surface of the cable bundle or the wire.

Liquid cable coating: Liquid cable coatings are useful when you need to cover a large area with one application, such as covering all of your cables in one go or covering all of your wires in a large cable assembly. The liquid form also makes it easy to apply to smaller areas such as individual wires or power cords.

Solid Cable Coating: Solid cable coatings or fire protection wrappings, are alternatives to liquid coatings and, although quite costly and requiring cable derating, will last for years on end with just one.

What is Fireproof Cable Coating?

FS coated cables in a fire

Fireproof cable coating is a type of fire-retardant or fire-resistant coating that is used to protect cables from fire. They are usually applied on the cables to prevent them from catching fire, melting, propagating fire, releasing toxic smoke and gas.

The primary function of these coatings is to resist heat and flames for a period of time. This helps the cables to survive longer in case of a fire incident. These coatings are used in buildings, vehicles, ships, factories and for other equipment where cables are important for the operation or with high risk for catching fire or being exposed to extreme temperatures.

What are the Benefits of Using a Fireproof Cable Coating?

FS Cable Coating

Fire retardant or fire-resistant cable coatings are a perfect fire prevention measure. They are designed to slow down the spread of fire and give you more time to escape.

Some of the benefits include:

– Limiting the spread of fire
– Giving you more time to escape
– Reducing smoke inhalation by limiting smoke release
– Preventing fires from starting in the first place

A fireproof cable coating is an important investment for any company who wants to protect their cables from potential accidents and damages, whether at an office, building, ship or factory. Contact FS for more information or a cable survey on your site.